Fast Web Hosting with Super-fast web hosting and cPanel (Control Panel) cPanel Paperlantern is utilised with the best-in-class Web Hosting Solutions.

cPanel and Web Hosting - What's the difference? Web Hosting SSD web hosting is diskspace hosted on a virtual internet drive, hosted remotely. Web Hosting is essentially just a hard drive on stored within a high tech datacentre remotely and is accessed via a command line and or web browser to generate what functions you want to achieve. In this case, Web Hosting and cPanel. cPanel is software that helps you easily navigate via a secure web browser to help you control and manage your web site hosting plan. cPanel is the standard software package.

Why web hosting over dedicated servers? Well, first of all. Cost. Shared Web Hosting with cPanel only costs $12/year AUD + GST or USD. Web Hosting is always safe, secure and SSL certificate will protect your data online.

The other difference between web hosting and a dedicated server. Web Hosting is shared between hundreds of users. Dedicated Servers offers full control. Skybridge Domains Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers are the best option available. Web Hosting slows down when more and more people get on the same server of your web hosting but it should still technically be fast web hosting. Dedicated Servers offers full control and complete dedicated server management comes with a super-fast and reliable dedicated server built properly and solid from the ground up. If you have tried other service providers for your dedicated server and they have been no good, you have not tried Skybridge Domains - Dedicated Servers. You can opt for basic entry level specifications or more advanced Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Servers - Entry Level 1 (basic dedicated server) Intel E3 1240 Processor
8GB RAM - Random Access Memory
80GB SSD Hard Drives x2 Raid 1 with Backup - SSD - Solid State Drive
1GBPS Network Ports
Datacentre Hosted
Linux Dedicated Server or Microsoft Windows Dedicated Servers 2012, 2016 Unlimited Technical Support

Basic Geotrust SSL Certificate Rapid (SSL Certificates)

Fast Dedicated Servers - Dedicated Servers - Web Hosting - cPanel Paperlantern
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31st May 2017

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